PROP MONEY $100 Full Print Stack for Movie, TV, Video, Advertising & Novelty

: PROP MONEY $100 Full Print Stack for Movie, TV, Video, Advertising & Novelty : Everything Else

ATTENTION! PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION CAREFULLY! **PROP MONEY IS DESIGNED FOR ADVERTISING, PHOTOGRAPHY AND MEDIA PRODUCTIONS. IT WILL NOT PASS AS REAL CURRENCY AND CANNOT BE MODIFIED. 1 New $100 full print $10,000 prop money stack. Created, Designed and Copyrighted by us at Karisma Studios Inc. and PROPMOVIEMONEY. Don't settle for cheesy prop money. Your production deserves the best! **Sale is for 1 stack only with (100) color prints and a current bank strap. **Stack consist of 100 color prints. **Colors and designs are HD quality, the best in the market and the most realistic and best looking on camera. **Printed on high quality paper and cut with precision machine cutters. **Stack does NOT contain blank filler paper in between. **FAST & FREE SHIPPING! **All items comes from a clean and smoke free facility. **Process and handling time is from 3 – 4 days. **Shipped priority which normally takes 2 – 3 days for delivery. **Overnight Express Shipping is available. Buyer pays express overnight or international shipping. **Only exchanges are available if item was delivered damaged or wrong item was sent. Buyer must return merchandise prior to exchange. WARNING: ALL OF KARISMA STUDIOS AND PROPMOVIEMONEY'S PROP MONEY DESIGNS AND ARTWORK IS COPYRIGHTED, REGISTERED AND ALL RIGHTS ARE RESERVED. ANY UNAUTHORIZED REPRODUCTIONS WILL BE IMMEDIATELY REPORTED.

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